GST Admission 2023

GST Admission 2023: Whatever You Need to Know

GST Admission 2023 The Graduate Studies Admission Examination (GST) is a centralized admission test carried out by the College Grants Compensation of Bangladesh (UGC) for admission to public colleges in Bangladesh. The GST is held yearly, and the outcomes are used to identify the qualifications of students for admission to various undergraduate programs.

The GST is a multiple-choice examination that covers a wide range of topics, including English, mathematics, science, and social studies. The test is divided into three areas: English, mathematics and science, and social studies and humanities. Each section includes 100 inquiries, and the total time for the examination is 3 hours.

Eligibility Requirements GST Admission 2023

To be eligible for GST Admission 2023, students must have passed the Greater Secondary Certification (HSC) examination from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate. Students need to have also passed Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as obligatory topics in their HSC evaluation.

To send an application for the GST, students ought to see the official GST website and follow the adhering to actions:

1. Develop an account on the website by providing the needed details.
2. Access the online application form and load it out very carefully.
3. Upload checked copies of the needed documents, which include your HSC mark sheet, passport-size picture, and nationwide ID card.

Please note that the application process typically starts in April and ends in May.

Admission Process:

The GST admission process is conducted online via the GST Admission System internet site. Trainees need to first produce an account on the site and then sign up for the GST admission examination. After registering, trainees can download and install the GST admit card from the website.

The GST entryway exam will certainly take place at three different events, catering to various fields of study:

1. Scientific research team: May 20, 2023
2. Service studies group: May 27, 2023
3. Humanities team: June 3, 2023

The GST entry examination is made up of 100 questions in a multiple-choice format. The exam is separated into three parts:
1. English: 30 questions
2. Maths: 30 questions
3. General knowledge: 40 questions


The GST Admission 2023 examination is reviewed on a scale of 1 to 100. The minimum passing score for the GST admission examination is 40. Trainees who rack up 40 or above on the GST admission test are eligible to look for admission to public colleges in Bangladesh.

GST Admission 2023
GST Admission 2023

Admission to Public Universities:

After passing the GST Admission 2023 test, trainees can look for admission to public colleges in Bangladesh. Pupils can put on an optimum of five universities. Trainees are required to submit their GST admission scorecard, HSC records, and various other appropriate papers together with their application forms.

Admission to public universities in Bangladesh is identified with an option procedure that thinks about different variables.

GST Admission 2023 criteria:

1. Greater Second Certification (HSC) grade point average (GPA).
2. High School Certificate (SSC) GRADE POINT AVERAGE.
3. Reservation/quota (if appropriate)


There are a number of allocations for admission to public universities in Bangladesh. These quotas are scheduled for students from certain groups, such as minorities, females, and individuals with special needs.

Admission Timeline:

The schedule for GST admissions 2023 is as follows:

* Beginning day for primary applications: April 18, 2023.
* Target date for main applications: April 30, 2023.
* Dates for the GST admission examination: May 20, 27, and June 3, 2023.
* Start of last admissions: October 17, 2023.
* Due date for final admissions: October 18, 2023

Tips for Planning For the GST Admission 2023 Test:

Get a running start on your preparation for the GST Admission 2023 examination by beginning early. This difficult examination requires appropriate preparation, so produce a research study strategy that outlines the subjects you require to concentrate on and the quantity of time you need to devote to each one. Use top-quality study products to aid in your preparation, and take technique tests to acquaint yourself on your own with the examination layout and inquiry types.

Extra suggestions:

1. See to it you have adequate rest prior to the examination.
2. Take in a healthy morning meal on the day of the examination.
3. Be prompt in reaching the testing venue.
4. Bear in mind to bring all the needed things to the screening location.
5. Preserve a made-up and concentrated way of thinking throughout the assessment.


The results of the GST Admission 2023 are usually released within a fortnight after the assessment. Trainees have the choice to access their results via the official GST internet site. Public university admissions will be communicated straight to the picked trainees by the college.

In recap, the GST admission test holds considerable value in the trip of entering into a public university in Bangladesh. By implementing the tips mentioned above, you can improve your chance of attaining favourable results in the GST admission examination.

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