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Belonga Group Trading Paraffin Wax Products and Important Oils


In the vibrant international trade landscape, Belonga Group Trading has emerged as a famous gamer, Paraffin Wax becoming a leading exporter and distributor of various basic chemical materials and vital oils. The company’s dedication to top quality, advancement, and sustainability has made it a trusted partner in various markets worldwide.

Comprehensive Item Portfolio

Belonga Group Trading flaunts a substantial product profile consisting of various basic chemical materials and important oils. Among the essential offerings are Soda Ash, Phenol, Paraffin Wax, Nitric Acid, Potassium Cyanide, Lithium Aluminium Silicate, Titanium Oxide, Sodium Carbonate, Jasmonic Acid, Benzyl Acetate, Ethyl Phenyl Acetate, Linear Alkyl Benzene, TCCA-Chlorine 90%, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Calcium Carbonate.

Chemical Raw Products

The business focuses on the supply of chemical resources crucial for numerous manufacturing processes. Soda Ash, an essential element in manufacturing glass, cleaning agents, and chemicals, is provided with uncompromised quality. Phenol, understood for its applications in manufacturing plastics, materials, and pharmaceuticals, is an additional standout item in Belonga’s schedule. The availability of Paraffin Wax, Nitric Acid, Potassium Cyanide, and Lithium Aluminium Silicate emphasizes the firm’s dedication to meeting varied industrial needs.

Crucial Oils

Belonga Group Trading acknowledges the enhancing demand for necessary oils throughout sectors such as cosmetics, Paraffin Wax, perfumery, and pharmaceuticals. The firm’s variety comprises Jasmonic Acid, Benzyl Acetate, and Ethyl Phenyl Acetate, catering to the scent and flavoring industries. These vital oils are sourced and refined miraculously, like maintaining their all-natural residential properties and making specific top-quality final results for the clients.

Water Therapy Chemicals

In addition to its offerings in basic chemical materials and necessary oils, Paraffin Wax, Belonga Group Trading provides vital services for water therapy. The supply of TCCA-Chlorine 90%, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Calcium Carbonate addresses the growing demand for reliable water filtration and hygiene.

Paraffin Wax
Paraffin Wax

Quality Control and Conformity

Belonga Group Trading strongly emphasizes quality assurance and conformity with global standards. The business complies with strict quality control measures at every phase of the supply chain, Paraffin Wax from sourcing resources to product packaging and delivery. This commitment to top quality has enabled Belonga to construct a reputation for integrity and reliability in the international market.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Belonga Group Trading is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility as a responsible business entity. The firm actively looks for environment-friendly services and takes part in honest service methods, Paraffin Wax positively influencing the environment and local communities.

Growth in Market Existence and International Reach

Belonga Group Trading has established a strong existence in its home market and successfully increased its reach worldwide. Via calculated collaborations, reliable logistics, Paraffin Wax and effective distribution networks; the business ensures that its high-grade items reach consumers on different edges of the world. The dedication to prompt shipment and consumer fulfillment has played a critical role in the business’s ability to cultivate long-lasting connections with customers across diverse industries.

Development and Research & Development

The chemical market is known for its consistent advancement, Paraffin Wax and Belonga Group Trading actively buys advancement and research study & development to remain ahead of market fads. The company collaborates with research establishments and takes part in continual renovation procedures to discover new product applications, boost existing formulas, and establish environmentally friendly options—this devotion to advancement positions Belonga as a forward-thinking and versatile player in the affordable international market.


Belonga Group Trading has positioned itself as a trendsetter in exporting and supplying Paraffin Wax raw materials and essential oils, offering a diverse and comprehensive series of items. The firm’s commitment to top quality, innovation, and sustainability makes it a recommended option for organizations throughout numerous industries. With a concentration on satisfying the progressing needs of its customers and adding to a lasting future, Belonga Group Trading remains to set new requirements in the global chemical trading landscape.

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